There are a couple of issues that can contribute to why your air conditioning unit isn’t turning on. You should call a professional HVAC technician right away for help if you find any of the issues we’re going to list below.  


Since summer is almost here, more and more homeowners are turning on their AC units. If you neglected the necessary AC maintenance, you might discover that your air conditioner isn’t working properly. Because of this, you’ll need an air conditioning repair service. 

The Condenser Unit Constantly Turns Off and On 

The condenser unit is the outdoor unit of your AC system. It contains safety features that shut down the system automatically if the pressure drops below a particular level. The system turns on again once pressure stabilizes. With general temperature and the refrigerant levels inside the system, pressure can change.  

A professional HVAC technician can evaluate the safety features to guarantee correct performance if your condenser keeps on turning off and on. 

Short cycling is another reason why your AC system is turning off and on constantly. It occurs if your AC cannot achieve the temperature on your thermostat or it quickly reaches that temperature. If left ignored, it can damage the entire system. 

The AC Does Not Release Cool Air 

There might an issue with the control board if your AC unit does not release cool air. If not, then you should look into its refrigerant. In either case, you will need the care and attention of a professional HVAC technician to fix the problem. 

Keep in mind that refrigerants are dangerous to handle on your own. Because of this, you need to leave the job to the professionals.  

The AC Does Not Cool Evenly 

The purpose of your ductwork and ducts is to deliver cool air across the house. Contractors size them to match every room of your house. Unfortunately, there are a couple of other factors you need to consider. This includes how much sunlight comes in through the windows, how big the room is, and much more. To even out cool air and manage natural sources of heat, a professional HVAC contractor will install dampers inside the air duct system to handle the flow of air.  

A professional AC technician will work with you to evaluate the environment around your house and personalize air conditioning to every room. 

The AC Unit Will Not Turn On 

You can blame a tripped circuit breaker if the outdoor unit does not turn on. If this occurs, all you’ve got to do is to find your home’s circuit breaker panel and reset it.  

After resetting the circuit breaker and your AC still doesn’t work, you need to look for the thermostat. Make sure that it is still working properly. A professional HVAC technician can fix a broken thermostat 

Typically, a simple problem can be the reason why your AC isn’t turning on. For instance, you forgot to plug in the unit. However, it can also be a major issue in the wiring inside the unit.